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About me

Hi! I'm Burb Mouse. I'm in Illinois and if you know the home of the 2016 World Champions Da Cubs you know that we are either Chicago or somewhere else. I've lived in the city, the burbs and the country. So my name is a play on City Mouse/County Mouse. I'm neither and both. I am passionate about many things but a big one is SAVING MONEY! I've decided to start this blog to show others my best tricks, tips and sales!

You can contact me through My facebook page!


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Wholesale Lularoe!!!!

Some fantastic deals at Wholesale!  Wholesale plus $4.00 shipping for one or $6.50 for 2 or more!

Wet n Wild NOT cruelty free!

I have loved the brand Wet N Wild for some time now. I learned today that they have been lying about their cruelty free status. That may not matter to some people but for me that is a deal breaker. It's a long complicated story but basically Wet N Wild has been selling on Mainland China and animal testing may be done on the products. Cruelty free companies do not sell products in Mainland China because of this. Wet N Wild denied selling in China until there proof came to light of the products being sold there. So not only are they not cruelty free they are dishonest. That is ridiculous. I will no longer post their sales. Here is a video explaining the whole controversy in depth.  What Wet n Wild didn't tell you