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Just in time for Halloween! FREE Sanderson sisters crochet pattern!

These are absolutely precious. I'm not great with crochet. I'm more of a knitter but the pattern says easy and come on! Sanderson sisters?! Halloween is my favorite time of year plus it's cool enough to sit with yarn on your lap. And if it's free, it's for me! LINK HERE

Yonique Fiber Lash dupe

I was not blessed with much for eyelashes. You have squint really hard to see them. I've also worked as a mua and have been around the block with mascara. I've never really found any that work great. It's all the same stuff. Just makes your eyelashes black and adds a tiny bit of volume if you apply enough coats. I have to wear fake lashes if I want my look to come together. In beauty school I learned how to place on individual lashes and can make mine look pretty convincing.  Yonique was something I was recommended but $25 is steep for mascara. I've paid more but didn't love them and Yonique is not kit worthy. I can't even imagine how you could use that on a client, sanitation wise. So I was perusing Walgreens and found a fiber lash by Wet n Wild. Buy one get one half off. Plus I snagged a $2 off coupon off of a foundation.  Also if you don't have your Halloween costume ready yet or don't know what you want to be go to  Wet n Wild website  and pick