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Some people call me 75% off Maurice’s!

Maurice’s has it all for back to school! 75% off Tops, BOGO 50% jeans, graphics and more, Free Shipping if you are a card holder or spend $50! Check cute clothes off that back to school list!



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Christmas items 90% off?!

This is not a drill! 90% off  MOST Christmas items at Walmart! It will vary from store to store on selection and pricing but I just filled my cart to the brim at Walmart for $20. Now, where do I store all this stuff? 😳

Some of the items I picked up. These cute little gift boxes $.50! I hate wrapping and I kind of bought a life time supply so no more tape and fighting with paper for me!

These beautiful wall decorations for $.70 And I bought everyone I know these adorable outdoor lights that were so popular this year! At $1 how could I not?