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Kat Von D 40% Off!

Kat Von D has a 40% off sale on her website right now. Select items. Free 3 day shipping if you spend $50 and if you spend $75 you get a cute little gift set. I've never used her makeup so I have no review on it but I've heard good things about the Shade and Light collection, Tattoo liner and I think I've heard the concealer is good. 



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Ancestry kit almost half off! And maybe why you shouldn't get one. has their $99 kit on sale for $59. That's an awesome deal. It's been very fun finding our ancestry, relatives, and all sorts of information you wouldn't expect with these types of services. But are they worth it? What exactly are we handing over? After watching this video I'm so glad I was raised to NEVER put your information online. Once it's online it's there forever. And once you hand over your DNA to these companies it becomes theirs FOREVER.

Ancestry kit sale

                                                            Exposing DNA companies!