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Dunkin Donuts Groupon!

Receive 100% cash back on your card for your first purchase up to $3 and 20% cash back for every additional purchase if you link your card! Click  here !

40% off first Lularoe sale!

My sister and I were just talking about shopping at the lower percentage sales. She pointed out it's always great to do because you get a much better selection. Well, this is the first sale for this consultant and her inventory is beautiful! Tons of florals, solids, beautiful prints you don't typically see in the higher percentage sales. Plus new styles, tons of kid Halloween all on sale! And don't get me wrong 40% off is huge for a first sale! This is also a great opportunity for those looking for an active consultant! It's lovely to buy at a discount but if you want the newest unicorns you have to be in touch with an active consultant!  I know this because I wouldn't have scored some Halloween unicorns without one or a few! Michelle has been a very happy active consultant for two years and is the mother of three beautiful little girls! She runs a group with her mother and sister and together they have thousands of pieces to choose from! Happy Shopping! https

$10-15 Lularoe!

Tops (Classic, Irma, Perfect & Randy) $10 Leggings $10 Cassie $10 Maxi $15 1-2 items $4 shipping 3-5 items $7 shipping 6-10 items $12 shipping

10-12-15-30 and a puppy Lularoe!

My favorite things in life are dogs and saving money! The story of this little puppy broke my heart as it reminds me of my little dog who had heart disease. I believe that their hearts are full of too much love so they enlarge. Anyway this woman has a great inventory at a great price and the money will go to a great cause.