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Seriously adorable Lularoe inventory!

Decided to post our last post twice because this sale needs attention all on her own! PM for an automatic reply! But look at the cuties! Disney, TC2, Jills,  a Shirley and honestly check out the adorable regular leggings there are some great prints and solids if that's your deal! I'm going to post photos on my Facebook page because I'm still having issues with the photos on here.

For automatic prices!


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Christmas items 90% off?!

This is not a drill! 90% off  MOST Christmas items at Walmart! It will vary from store to store on selection and pricing but I just filled my cart to the brim at Walmart for $20. Now, where do I store all this stuff? 😳

Some of the items I picked up. These cute little gift boxes $.50! I hate wrapping and I kind of bought a life time supply so no more tape and fighting with paper for me!

These beautiful wall decorations for $.70 And I bought everyone I know these adorable outdoor lights that were so popular this year! At $1 how could I not?