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Pre-launch Scentsy sale!

So Slasher Guru is officially launching on Friday but I couldn't pass up these savings so take advantage of our pre-launch flash sale so you can get idea of what kind of deals you will be getting! She has some fantastic deals under the Sale tab! Also to die for new Halloween warmers! On SALE, hello! OMG I'm literally giggling! Check out most regular items are 10-20% Bars are on sales! It's just a bunch of goodness trust me!  SHOP HERE!!!! First 3 buyers get a free gift! Check out our lovely consultant Lindsey on her facebook group! She does lots of giveaways and prizes one is going on right now if you hurry!  

Starbucks Closeout Sale!

Starbucks is closing their online shop on October 1st FOREVER! So check out their fabulous sale right now! All sorts of great items are 50% off plus free shipping on orders $50 or more!  Hurry time and supplies are limited!