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Winter boots for dirt cheap!

So my sister in law came over this fall wearing some adorable knee length boots. They were stunning and seemed a bit out of her budget. That's when she told me about JustFab. You know those too good to be true ads where you can get gorgeous boots for like $10. Turns out it isn't too good to be true... sort of. Your first purchase is $10 boots with so many to choose from you'll go crazy! Then your credit card is hit with $39.95 a month IF  you don't cancel or skip a month! So far I've had it two months I've skipped the month but ended up taking advantage of their amazing half off sales. I've bought two adorable pairs of boots. And what prompted me to write this just now was my new half off winter coat and a super cute $8 dress to qualify for free shipping! These prices and styles are adorable so check it out! Order your first boots for $10 and cancel easy peasy or do like I do and skip a month to take advantage of some great sales!

Chili's Black Friday Deal!

My family loves Chili's so we always grab gift cards when they are on sale! Right now buy $50 worth of gift cards get $10 free! And try chips and salsa, southwest egg roll, boneless buffalo wings, chicken nachos, spinach dip, half frozen mango-half frozen margarita and the seasonal holy grail Watermelon Margarita! Just try everything I've never had anything from Chili's I didn't love!

Wet n Wild Black Friday Presale!

You might have found my blog through my celebrity makeup artist cousin's  blog ! MannyMUA turned me onto Wet N Wild and I turned my cousin on to it! I will in the future be doing a write up of my favorite items but for now just check out this sale but act NOW because it ends before Black Friday and I can't wait to see what they've got in store for us this Black Friday! 20% off fan favorites!,1FER,1EVQFQ,5BFZ,1 Picture courtesy of Paula

SNEAK PEEK! Fitbits!

Sneak peek at Fitbits! Sale starts 11/23! It's never too soon to start working off all the holiday indulgences!

Biddeford Plush Heated Electric Blankets Great Savings!

Stay warm this winter with  Biddeford Plush Heated Electric Blankets  Black Friday sale at Kohls! On sale NOW! Originally $99-200 on sale now for $29-59.99! Save 15% more with coupon code SAVEBIG15! Variety of colors!

Dunkin Donuts Groupon!

Receive 100% cash back on your card for your first purchase up to $3 and 20% cash back for every additional purchase if you link your card! Click  here !

40% off first Lularoe sale!

My sister and I were just talking about shopping at the lower percentage sales. She pointed out it's always great to do because you get a much better selection. Well, this is the first sale for this consultant and her inventory is beautiful! Tons of florals, solids, beautiful prints you don't typically see in the higher percentage sales. Plus new styles, tons of kid Halloween all on sale! And don't get me wrong 40% off is huge for a first sale! This is also a great opportunity for those looking for an active consultant! It's lovely to buy at a discount but if you want the newest unicorns you have to be in touch with an active consultant!  I know this because I wouldn't have scored some Halloween unicorns without one or a few! Michelle has been a very happy active consultant for two years and is the mother of three beautiful little girls! She runs a group with her mother and sister and together they have thousands of pieces to choose from! Happy Shopping! https

$10-15 Lularoe!

Tops (Classic, Irma, Perfect & Randy) $10 Leggings $10 Cassie $10 Maxi $15 1-2 items $4 shipping 3-5 items $7 shipping 6-10 items $12 shipping

10-12-15-30 and a puppy Lularoe!

My favorite things in life are dogs and saving money! The story of this little puppy broke my heart as it reminds me of my little dog who had heart disease. I believe that their hearts are full of too much love so they enlarge. Anyway this woman has a great inventory at a great price and the money will go to a great cause.

25% off Wet n Wild!

I will be doing a complete review of Wet n' Wild makeup shortly but to summarize, it's not what you remember! It's great! Right now the entire website is 25% Off! Liquid lips, highlighters, eye shadows, foundation, eyeliners are all my favorites. To be honest I haven't tried anything I didn't like! Go now and go wild because it's free shipping for $35+! Ends October 1st! Pro-tip Sale items are also 25% off and the MegaGlo highlighting powder is amazing!                                                         Pay no mind to my gross nails!                                                              Wearing Rebel Rose Liquid lip

Artist spotlight and GIVEAWAY!!!!

Something I will touch on a lot is my love of luminaries. A few years back I found myself discouraged that despite never actively paying attention to the Kardashians, I can name every single one and tell you more than I want to know about them. I realized I couldn't name a single artist, scientist, or anyone doing significant work. I made it my mission to find living inspirations. Having an artist's heart I tend to focus on artists. So my first write up is my friend Heidi. We met in high school and had a conversation about our favorite boy band members. We found out we liked the same ones and it all started there. We share a birthday, similar upbringings, the same curly hair, bra size, thirst for knowledge and love of beauty. We are basically the same person. Another similarity is we both love yarn work. I'm more of a hobby knitter where Heidi is a master crocheter. Heidi is my first living artist and believe me she is an actual artist! I am always astonished by what be

70% off Lularoe!!!

Ok the link is huge but so are the savings!!!! 70% Off don't sleep on this one it it will sell out fast!!!

Wholesale Lularoe!!!

Adult Leggings-$10.50 Cassies, Azures-$14 Amelia, Jordan - $31 Kid leggings-$8.50 Tween-$9.50 Randy, Classic-$16 Irma-$15 Perfect-$17 Lola, Lindsay-$21 Shipping is $4 for one item or $6.60 for 2 items. Buy 3+ items and ships for free.

50% off Pizza Hut pizza!!!

I don't eat Pizza Hut all that often but when I do it's with a coupon! Pizza Hut sends fabulous deals, like their current special 50% off, to your inbox and if you sign up for Hut Rewards right now through October first you get double points! If you can wait it out every couple months you'll get an offers for certain percentage off pizzas. Then and only then do I order my favorite! Stuffed crust, extra cheese pizza with garlic sauce on the side! I've never been much of a meat eater but my meat loving brother turned me onto this pizza and it's addictive! I haven't paid full price for pizza in over a year! Now through 9/11 get any menu priced pizza for half price! Don't forget to sign up for hut rewards!

Seriously adorable Lularoe inventory!

Decided to post our last post twice because this sale needs attention all on her own! PM for an automatic reply! But look at the cuties! Disney, TC2, Jills,  a Shirley and honestly check out the adorable regular leggings there are some great prints and solids if that's your deal! I'm going to post photos on my Facebook page because I'm still having issues with the photos on here. For automatic prices!

Lularoe sale you can't miss! Jaxon Harvey Sarah Disney TC2 Solids and so much more!!!

I normally don't post sales without prices but this one is too amazing to pass up! I'm talking Jaxon's, Harvey's (Lularoe's new jean jackets!), and Sarahs for incredible prices! Mystery Sarah's all sizes and Jaxson Jean jackets size xxs - large and Harvery xxs-xs mystery orders. There are no donkey's in Lula's new line. Trust me find out more information you can't go wrong on this deal! All items are a mystery and are final sale, for the mystery items please fill out the form:  Plus a great deal in this link which includes some great items lots of Disney, solids and a couple TC2s! For prices!  Trust me this is a sale you will be kicking yourself over if you miss! Our fantastic consultant has it set up so you get the information you need in a immediate PM! DON'T SLEEP ON THIS!

Bloomingdales Brown Bag Sale! 40-60% off sale items!

Get 40%-60 off sale items at Bloomingdales in store and online! Great big thank you to stylist extraordinaire Jennifer for the heads up on the sale!

Lularoe UNICORN DUPE ALERT! Black Sarah for 14.96?!

If you love Lularoe like I do you know unicorn pieces and you are willing to shell out the dough to get them! With this adorable Sarah dupe you can save $50+ depending on if that Sarah is even going for retail, honey! Whats more they even have more colors to choose from! Another money saving tip is ship to store and pick it up at your local Walmart, to save on shipping costs! See pictures on my Facebook page because I keep getting an error on my pictures! Hopefully I'll get that fixed soon! Thanks for your patience❣️

Pre-launch Scentsy sale!

So Slasher Guru is officially launching on Friday but I couldn't pass up these savings so take advantage of our pre-launch flash sale so you can get idea of what kind of deals you will be getting! She has some fantastic deals under the Sale tab! Also to die for new Halloween warmers! On SALE, hello! OMG I'm literally giggling! Check out most regular items are 10-20% Bars are on sales! It's just a bunch of goodness trust me!  SHOP HERE!!!! First 3 buyers get a free gift! Check out our lovely consultant Lindsey on her facebook group! She does lots of giveaways and prizes one is going on right now if you hurry!  

Starbucks Closeout Sale!

Starbucks is closing their online shop on October 1st FOREVER! So check out their fabulous sale right now! All sorts of great items are 50% off plus free shipping on orders $50 or more!  Hurry time and supplies are limited!

Insert generic first post title

Hi all, this is my first blog. I don't know exactly how to do this so I'll just ramble a bit. I'm a 30 something person with a tight budget. My hope is to make a blog where I can share my money saving tips and deals I find. My name is Burb Mouse. I'm in Illinois and if you know the home of the 2016 World Champions Da Cubs you know that we are either Chicago or somewhere else. I've lived in the city, the burbs and the country. So my name is a play on City Mouse/County Mouse. I'm neither and both. So there is my generic introduction next post we start the fun!